Bikram Challenge & Juice Cleanses

In my attempt to stay on track with my couch to half marathon training, I began a Bikram Challenge at my favorite studio. Yoga has been the perfect Crosstraining complement on my off days, and my personal favorite. As if a commitment of 30 days of yoga classes were not enough; my studio has employed a 7-day juice cleanse. 

I’m not going to lie, the juice cleanse was hard as hell. I only endured for about 3 days. Healthy eating has never been my lifestyle. However, as I have entered the fourth decade of my life and watched family members succumb to curable ailments and diseases; my perspective has changed. On average, I consume 2-3 cups of coffee, soda and lots, lots, lots of fried food. The first two days of the juice cleanse were horrible! I had severe headaches and cravings. The sight of a food commercial or Coca-Cola truck would cause my mouth to salivate. It was terrible. Yet, something happened on that third day- I mellowed out! My cravings decreased. The headaches ceased. Oddly enough, my hunger pains even went away. As I transitioned back to food, I began a mostly vegetarian diet. I’m going on week #2. It hasn’t been perfect. Some days better than others. On a positive note, I lost 5 pounds.

Today, I begin the 30 days Bikram Challenge. I’ll keep you posted!


Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Bikram Challenge & Juice Cleanses”

  1. So crazy how different a cleanse can make you feel! Pairing that with Bikram, you’re gonna feel like a whole new person! Hope you enjoy your challenge–I’ve always learned a whole lot about myself whenever I’ve done one!


    1. I appreciate the support. It IS a learning experience-physically, mentally, and spiritually! Who knew? I’m enjoying the vogage!

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