Why Does Health Concious Food Taste So Bad?

I recognize that I am still relatively new to the healthy eating/fitness world. I am extremely new to the mostly vegetarian lifestyle. (I still love meat but want to consume it in moderation or smaller portions.) I’ve had moderate success with eliminating processed foods, unhealthy sugars and high amounts of caffeine.

During my juice cleanse, I was fortunate to find a brand of juices that were surprisingly yummy. I’ve only been able to find them at Whole Foods. The brand is called Blueprint. Every flavor I’ve tried has been quite flavorful and low in sugar. I have even switched up my breakfast menu which used to consist of eggs, bacon, and toast to overnight oats. I found a recipe on Pinterest that was simple and delectable. Yet, as I am transitioning into the vegetarian options; I’m struggling! My first attempt was the cauliflower rice that everyone raves about. I tried an organic brand from my supermarket that almost made me curse! It was horrible! If I weren’t so frugal, I would’ve thrown it away. I forced myself to finish the box. Next, I tried another brand of juices (in the picture above). It was hideous! (My pup, Spartacus, thought otherwise. He kept trying to lick the bottle!)

I want to stay committed to my goals, but I definitely need to explore my options. Perhaps it’s just taking a minute for my palate to change and adjust to recognizing “real” food versus processed. I’m not quite sure. I will keep trying. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.