Weeks 1&2 Yoga/Healthy Eating Challenge

Start From Where You Are!

Healthy Eating Re-Cap:

Initially, I began my 30 day challenge with a juice cleanse. It went surprisingly well! Although I did not do my own juicing, I was able to find products at Whole Foods that conveniently met my needs. However, when I transitioned to a mostly vegetarian diet, I struggled. I struggled so badly that I pretty much gave up in the midst of the second week. I struggled with finding recipes that were healthy , yummy, satisfying and met my nutritional requirements. And then…


The restaurant adjacent to my yoga studio has a plethora of healthy options! The above picture was a Greek salad with blackened shrimp, bread, and a side order of collard greens. The fresh Mojito was just an added bonus.

Bikram Challenge Re-Cap:

The number one issue I ran into was scheduling. My intention of wanting to complete a Bikram Yoga class every day was minuscule in comparison to finding the time/class that would fit into my schedule. BUT…yet again…once I found the time slot that worked everything else seemed to fall into place. Some awesome side effects have been:

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaamazing sleep! I used to struggle with falling asleep and often fidgeted or playing on my computer until I got drowsy-not anymore!
  2. My love affair with Bikram has trickled into a consistent running/walking routine. It began with me walking the dog before class to waste idle minutes. Now, I find myself wanting to go farther, longer and faster!
  3. Self-acceptance. Staring at myself, flaws and all, in a room full of mirrors forced me to accept a lot about me (emotionally and physically).  It’s an unexpected voyage, but a very welcome one!


My intention this week is to try at least three new poses in class and reduce my sugar intake. Let’s go!

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