Being Out of Shape Is So Much Easier


I have fallen down and gotten up so many times in this weight loss/get in shape/ Bikram/running challenge that I’ve stopped counting.

My 30 Day Bikram Challenge was hopping right along successfully…until one night the yoga studio offered Hot Pilates instead (even though the schedule said Bikram). So, how does that work? Do I start all over again? Does Hot Pilates count in the challenge?

I was progressing in my afternoon run-walk streak. I can’t say I was clocking in world breaking times, but I was hella consistent. And then a week-long rainfall hit.

Although I’m still hesitant on committing to the full-time vegetarian lifestyle; I did find healthy recipes and places to eat. Then, the national holiday weekend of barbecue came along and…BOOM! I fell off again!

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

Maybe I’m doing too much too soon.

Maybe I’m making excuses.

I just know it’s not always easy.

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