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Why Does Health Concious Food Taste So Bad?

I recognizeĀ that I am still relatively new to the healthy eating/fitness world. I am extremely new to the mostly vegetarian lifestyle. (I still love meat but want to consume it in moderation or smaller portions.) I’ve had moderate success with eliminating processed foods, unhealthy sugars and high amounts of caffeine. Continue reading Why Does Health Concious Food Taste So Bad?

I’m Gonna Run in the Marine Corp Marathon!!!

I made it through the lottery. I paid my money and registered. I’m in.

This is either sheer brilliance, or the inverse. Quite frankly, it’s too early to tell. After more than eight years of procrastination and writing on my vision board – I finally decided to plunge right in! I have six months to train for one of the biggest races of my life!

I’m excited.

I’m terrified.

I can hardly wait!

If a Seven Year Old Calls You Fat- Believe ‘Em

The number one thing I can appreciate with young children is their honesty. They bring no hidden agendas. They have yet to become tainted by the media, or the world that surrounds them. They give it to you straight up. If you ever want to know if your new hairstyle is ridiculous, or rocking; just walk past a playground around three in the afternoon on a school day. If riotous laughter and pointing ensue, then you know you’re screwed. Continue reading If a Seven Year Old Calls You Fat- Believe ‘Em

How This Blog Began: My Epiphany


In my closet are a pair of beloved well-worn, faded, slightly torn size 6 Lizwear blue jeans. They are my absolute favorite pair of blue jeans in the whole wide world! At the beginning of every year, I take them out, shake them, look them over and assure myself that at the conclusion of this year; I will wear them once again!


The bluejeans have not been worn since 2001. Continue reading How This Blog Began: My Epiphany