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Daily Prompt: Slight


via Daily Prompt: Slight

0.33 miles.

On average, it doesn’t seem like much. I didn’t even run. I walked. Yet, those 0.33 miles were the perfect catalyst I needed to begin my running program again. I’ve taken some time off. I’ve had two ACL surgeries in both legs. I’ve encountered some significant weight gain. The days of gliding over a hurdle in a 400 meter race seem so foregone. So long ago. Yet, no matter how much time has passed I cannot forget the feeling. The runner’s high. The feeling one gets when your arms and legs are in perfect harmony, perfect sync. The stride. The step. There is nothing like it in the world. Although I am not back there yet…with a ridiculously simple 0.33 mile walk/run workout…I feel like I may be on my way!

If a Seven Year Old Calls You Fat- Believe ‘Em

The number one thing I can appreciate with young children is their honesty. They bring no hidden agendas. They have yet to become tainted by the media, or the world that surrounds them. They give it to you straight up. If you ever want to know if your new hairstyle is ridiculous, or rocking; just walk past a playground around three in the afternoon on a school day. If riotous laughter and pointing ensue, then you know you’re screwed. Continue reading If a Seven Year Old Calls You Fat- Believe ‘Em