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Weeks 1&2 Yoga/Healthy Eating Challenge

Start From Where You Are!

Healthy Eating Re-Cap:

Initially, I began my 30 day challenge with a juice cleanse. It went surprisingly well! Although I did not do my own juicing, I was able to find products at Whole Foods that conveniently met my needs. However, when I transitioned to a mostly vegetarian diet, I struggled. I struggled so badly that I pretty much gave up in the midst of the second week. I struggled with finding recipes that were healthy , yummy, satisfying and met my nutritional requirements. And then… Continue reading Weeks 1&2 Yoga/Healthy Eating Challenge

Why Does Health Concious Food Taste So Bad?

I recognize that I am still relatively new to the healthy eating/fitness world. I am extremely new to the mostly vegetarian lifestyle. (I still love meat but want to consume it in moderation or smaller portions.) I’ve had moderate success with eliminating processed foods, unhealthy sugars and high amounts of caffeine. Continue reading Why Does Health Concious Food Taste So Bad?

Bikram Challenge & Juice Cleanses

In my attempt to stay on track with my couch to half marathon training, I began a Bikram Challenge at my favorite studio. Yoga has been the perfect Crosstraining complement on my off days, and my personal favorite. As if a commitment of 30 days of yoga classes were not enough; my studio has employed a 7-day juice cleanse.  Continue reading Bikram Challenge & Juice Cleanses

How This Blog Began: My Epiphany


In my closet are a pair of beloved well-worn, faded, slightly torn size 6 Lizwear blue jeans. They are my absolute favorite pair of blue jeans in the whole wide world! At the beginning of every year, I take them out, shake them, look them over and assure myself that at the conclusion of this year; I will wear them once again!


The bluejeans have not been worn since 2001. Continue reading How This Blog Began: My Epiphany